Urban roof with growing plants. This is a picture of an urban roof with growing plants. Green roofs provide a tactic for controlling heat and water runoff in cities. read more

For society to address the challenges of climate change requires participation of more than the practitioner of climate science. We recognize the intellectual resource represented by all and the evolution of responses to and anticipation of climate change outside of the climate community. The key to solving our global climate challenges

  • lies in our ability to scale our efforts across all of society,
  • and will require the development of trans-disciplinary expertise. is an “open-source” community based on the values of collaboration, inclusivity, and transparency. Our work reflects a commitment to quality, accuracy, validation, and efficiency in finding practical solutions to complex problems. It is a place where businesses, resource managers, educators, students, and scientists can obtain reliable climate information and return to the community the results of their own efforts. invites the participation of anyone interested in climate change who is committed to these goals and values.